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We are beyond amazed that we have reached our second target in 4 months. I have taken much comfort from fundraising. Every time someone donates it has meant they have thought of Tabitha and I thank everyone that has done that, thank you so much.

Not only has it helped me but I hope it will help others in the future. I come across a lot of blogs and websites that have helped me through this time and I always finish reading them wishing I could help others in the same way. I’m not a writer though so this is what I am going to do instead and I’m pleased we are doing it well!

We still want to raise as much as we possibly can so visit our JustGiving page if you would like to donate:

It was also lovely that the Tabitha’s Garden sales tipped us over our target. I’m so pleased that my little dedication to her is being shipped all over the world and people are enjoying her in art form.

We‘ve realised that we might spread the funds across a number of things that helped us when Tabitha was here. The unit that treated her, the transport team that moved us from hospital to hospital, the team who tried to save her. We'll update you soon on specifics but we are pleased that this will impact a lot of people. The same as Tabitha has.

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