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Drawing for Tabitha

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

We made a decision very early on that we would create a legacy for Tabitha. Whether we raised funds, raised awareness or just kept speaking her name, we were going to try and make a difference and make something better come out of this.

My mind was everywhere after she died and I either had too many thoughts in my head to process or I didn’t have enough. Drawing became a focus.

I started to sit and consider my drawing more. My illustration work (personal and professional) was becoming very digital and due to commercial factors I was following trends and producing work on demand and, to be honest, I’ve always liked fast results so was just trying to produce things quickly. I still took time over my designs and put love into them but then it was quickly on to the next once the design was finished.

I was going to bed very early of an evening after Tabitha died as the whole world was a bit too over stimulating for me. I started to think about what I could start working on to help with my busy, or non-busy, mind and I decided to start drawing again. I wanted to take time over it again though, maybe learn a new skill, maybe change my style. After all I had changed.

So I got out my pencils and pens and started drawing.

I knew I wanted to dedicate something to her. I felt it was the only thing I could do for her. It was lovely actually creating something with her in mind that was positive and I wanted it to be as beautiful as she was.

I drew my first flowers in a much more considered way. I really took my time (when it’s just for you and no one else it’s very therapeutic).

Once I had drawn a few I realised they looked like ones on a blanket I was meant to bring her home in. Whether this was intentional or not I’ll never know, it just happened. It made it even more of a dedication to her.

In the surface pattern world we usually name our pattern collections and it was only fitting that this was to be called Tabitha’s Garden.

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