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Our 2020 Donation: Oscar's Wish Foundation

We wanted our fundraising to continue on after the few first weeks of generous family and friend donations soon after Tabitha died, so I decided that I would create a charity range of cards and gift wrap that would support our fundraising efforts in the long term - see my blog about this here.

We wanted to give back to the services that helped us throughout or immediately after and for 2020 we chose the amazing Oscar's Wish Foundation. When Tabitha died we were offered some time in a room in the hospital that we never knew existed. I needed a bit more medical attention after the birth so had to stay at the hospital. Could you imagine if we had to go back to the new baby ward, or any other public place after going through what we had been through?

We were led to a suite which had a bed, supplies and Tabitha could stay with us in a cot. It was not like a hospital room - we even called it 'the little flat' as it was so far removed from a ward. It was just what we needed. It was a place we could just be. We were away from everyone and everything and it was just the three of us for a night and a morning. I didn't realise at the time but Oscar's Wish Foundation (OWF) were the charity behind this incredibly sensitive and much needed idea.

Being there made us realise that there were other people that had been through this too - we felt less alone. We felt comfortable and we even managed to get a good nights sleep after the most traumatic moment of our lives. We will be forever grateful for the hours in the little flat.

A little heart that we wrote for Tabitha in the little flat

A few months after Tabitha died I needed some counselling. I was referred to OWF who in turn referred me for bereavement counselling. To have support from people who know exactly what you are going through is something that did me so much good, and again, I will be forever grateful.

We want to ensure that anyone that goes through what we went through has the support that was offered to us so it is so important that charities like Oscar's Wish continue to run.

We have raised £1,300 this year from Tabitha's Garden sales with special donations also for Tabitha's birthday and Christmas from Grandma and Grandad, and Emma - thank you.

We are so truly thankful to OWF that we are going to continue to raise money for them in 2021 along with SANDS. For more details see our donate page.

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