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Tabitha's Garden

I'm so proud to launch my Tabitha's Garden range in my Etsy shop. So much has gone into this collection of work and I am hoping lots will come out of it too.

So far there are 4 wrapping paper designs. These are printed on the highest quality, uncoated wrap and are versatile for any occasion.

There are 12 cards that compliment the wrap designs. Themes include: birthday, get well soon, thinking of you, thank you, bereavement, encouragement, anniversaries and weddings - again all are very versatile.

I've also created 4 writing paper and lined envelope stationery sets using my wrap designs. These make a nice gift or a lovely set for those who love to write letters.

A postcard set in these designs is also planned. If you would like to see these designs on something else - get in touch.

Also, if you are a stockist, contact us to stock these products and help our cause. It would mean so much to us.

I'm so pleased that a dedicated amount of money from each product sold can be donated to our cause. There's no profit percentage, just a solid, dedicated amount. 50p from each sheet of wrap and card sold goes towards our funds and £2 from the writing sets. There's a message on the back of each card that also raises awareness of Tabitha's Garden.

I sold 10 sheets of wrap within 48 hours of publishing on Etsy so I'm hoping we'll sell lots more!

Visit my Etsy shop to see more...

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