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Happy Birthday Tabitha

Please don’t hesitate in saying happy birthday to Tabitha today. One thing every mother wants to hear and talk about is their child whether they are here or not. All parents remember the birth of their babies and although Tabitha’s story is ultimately sad it was still a joyous time the moment she was born and was a day filled with even more love than could be imagined.

My first photo with Tabitha

Please talk about her and ask me any questions. It might not always be met without tears but it’s only because I love her so much and not because I’m always sad. If I do cry it isn’t because you’ve upset me, it’s because I’m filled with love.

I want Tabitha’s birthday to be a happy memory. I want to hear her name and see it written down. If people want to send her a card, please send a card. If you want to send me a message, please send me a message. If you would have wanted to get her a present it would be amazing if you could donate to her fund instead, even if it was just a fiver. We can still build memories from these things and in turn help others. It will all be in her name and that is making happy memories.

Our memory making might not be the same as the norm but it is so important to us all the same.

I will forever treasure a memory from this Christmas of someone thinking of her, and us, above themselves. They requested that their Christmas money was donated to our fund instead of gifted to them. This made me cry the happiest tears ever!

Seeing her name in donations was lovely too and I’ll also treasure seeing her name written in a card (someone suggested we hang a star for her on our tree) I was very touched that they were thinking of us all and these gestures got me through a time I wasn't sure I was going to get through easily.

We hope to celebrate Tabitha’s birthday with a donation every Jan 9th for as many years as we can to a charity that has helped us or will help others in the future. And each time it will be a happy memory I make of her. Each time her name will be spoken and she will be in the world.

Happy birthday my beautiful girl. A special day, for a special girl who will be forever missed but always remembered and celebrated. You inspire me everyday to be a better person than I was the last, put up the strongest fight I can and I am so very proud that I got to be your mummy.

Happy Birthday Tabitha xxxx

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