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Thank you Emily!

In March 2023, Tabitha's wonderful cousin Emily did the most amazing, kind hearted thing and raised money in Tabitha's memory.

Emily, who is 13 and a very talented gymnast, sold all of her outgrown leotards and donated the profits to Oscar's Wish in Tabitha's name.

Oscar's Wish published this on their Facebook Page:

Oscar’s Wish Foundation would like to say an enormous THANK YOU to lovely Emily who donated £100 to support other local families.
Emily is a wonderful and talented gymnast who sold on her beautiful leotards to raise funds in honour and memory of her precious cousin Tabitha.
Just so adorable and so humbling. Beautiful act of kindness Emily. Thank you.
Remembering beautiful Tabitha.
Love Oscar’s Wish Foundation

I couldn't agree more. Emily's kindness, and generosity at such a young age is a testament to her caring, loving nature and I am beyond grateful to have family in my life that are so generous and kind. Tabitha has an amazing cousin Emily, we all love you!xxx

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