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You are not leaving them behind

Thinking of all the families that have lost this year. New Years Eve 2019/New Years Day 2020 was utterly heartbreaking as the clock chimed and I realised that Tabitha wasn’t coming with us in to 2020. I still remember having to sit up in bed so that I didn’t choke on my tears. The thought of living a whole year without her was so scary and sad.

I felt the same the year after, and the year after that. The pending countdown to another year without her. I am so sorry to all of you who are doing this after losing someone in 2022.

One thing that helped me was reading somewhere about making memories. That you can make memories with them in mind. We went on holiday in January 2020 and had the best time celebrating Tabitha’s birthday in Cornwall. I always make her a crochet birthday toy so I’m busy doing that over New Year just like I was in 2019 when she was due, and in 2020 when everything was awful. It does bring comfort, doing something for her and just for her. We don’t leave them behind, we take them with us everywhere we go and in the little things that we do to remember them.

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